#CookbookInspiration – Gingered Applesauce Cinnamon Cake inspired by Ruth Reichl


The bonding is getting stronger in between Miss Picky Pie and Miss Muddly Pie each day. I cherish the sisterhood at a distance and wish to store all the moments forever. I capture the moments in my camera with welling eyes. I feel overwhelmed, whenever I see them hugging kissing cuddling each other, frolicking together, Miss Picky Pie reaching to her sister at Miss Muddly Pie’s one cry and tries to sooth her at her best effort. And my day is made in a flash . I contemplate and conclude this is the real happiness of life and the joy of motherhood. Miss Muddly Pie now knows who is her best buddy. Whenever Miss Picky Pie will return back from school, Miss Muddly Pie will bellow as loud as she can and will run to her Sister’s lap with trembling steps.  I so much want to pen down each of the actions that my two dolls do. But I keep on scribbling all in my mind and when  I sit to pour it down on paper I run out of words. How much I wish then to own a magical instant recorder / typewriter that could keep on storing my each and every chain of thoughts. Then, when needed I would share those with you all. Hope, the way modern technology is advancing, my wish will come true sooner or later.:D

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