Simple coffee flavoured cake layered with Mascarpone Cream Frosting


Miss Picky Pie is now on a cooking spree. She will never miss her favourite cookery shows on the television, note down the recipes on her princess imprinted notebook and then will try them in the kitchen. She will be seen ensconced on the sofa at 9.00pm in front of the TV to watch MasterChef Junior. She will wrap all her pending jobs before 9.00pm. Miss Muddly Pie only knows to follow her elder sister. She will securely place a comfort zone, close by Miss Picky Pie sharing the warmth of her Didi. I love the way Miss Picky pie is nurturing the passion towards cooking. I am happy that the hundreds of cookbooks lying on my shelf, will get a rightful owner and maybe my blog will be continued by her after me. And yes, forgot to share, she never fails to read my blog and will also criticise it when needed.

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