Chanar Chop (Chenna/Cottage Cheese Fritters)

“Am I a Kitten!!”

I guess if Miss Muddly Pie could speak in proper language, she would yell back to her elder sister Miss Picky Pie this. Miss Picky Pie nowadays can lift her sister up in her lap, so her joy knew no bound. But most of the time she will come from the back and lift Miss Muddly Pie while sitting on the floor. And Miss Muddly Pie will start giggling and remain in the same posture the way she is sitting on the floor. So it will look like that Miss Picky Pie is carrying a baby kitten in an attire of a human being. What I do, I first scream at the sight in fear that Miss Picky Pie will drop her baby sister. But then I will be seen rushing to grab the phone or the camera to capture the moment. An elated emotion streams down through me. I touch the wood and pray to god to shower happiness all the time to the kids. Miss Muddly Pie is becoming more responsive and interactive day by day and Miss Picky Pie is turning to a dotting and possessive elder ‘DIDI’ as days passing by.

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