Parmesan Pizza Twist


Everyone has a specific hour in his/her life, strained out from the daily mundane chores that one apprehensively yearns and waits for. That few minutes we consider as the quality time of our life. That can be spent doing nothing, relaxing or just letting your thought process go crazy to engage in some gratifying affair. I like love relish such moments. I have many such moments. The particular time of a day that lures me more is when I go to pick up Miss Picky Pie from her school. I get 30 minutes to reach her school. If I am not digging deep in the utopian world of a book or tickling my very expensive android with care, I prefer to weave series of stories. The stories of different phases of life that I experience every day around me. The feeling of turning instantly into a writer is nothing but cosmic. This sublime sensation travels me back some far-away land – a world of exquisite imagination. I ignore the clumsy cacophonic city life, the bumpy roads, the potholes and the polluted smoke hovering around. The claustrophobic jam-packed traffic can’t harm my sedative solemn reverie. This is the time when I feel free to float with my chain of thoughts. Sometimes I drift in the realm of nothingness, just staring blank through the window ignoring what I am passing by. The term ‘Nothingness’ has a kind of romance and mystery hidden behind. The satisfaction comes out of staring blank is beyond explanation and the mind jumps in joy as it goes for a power nap

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