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Miss Picky Pie got specs and I was proved to be a bad Mamma……

Incidents #1:

For few consecutive days, I noticed that Miss Picky Pie was getting the remarks – “COPY ERROR” on her school exercise copy books. We considered it as she was not paying attention to her study and too much carelessness towards her study leading her to copy her text wrong. We controlled our temper and tried to make her understand that she should pay more attention to her school to avoid the red ink marks on her copy. Even sometimes she annoyingly would say that her class teachers thought that she was copying from her fellow mates. Miss Picky Pie is very honest, and I know she is not a kind of a girl who will copy. But we were totally ignorant of the fact that the reason could be something else. Because of her blur vision, she used to copy wrong and couldn’t see the Blackboard properly. That forced her to peep on her friends’ copies.

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