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Miss Picky Pie got specs and I was proved to be a bad Mamma……

Incidents #1:

For few consecutive days, I noticed that Miss Picky Pie was getting the remarks – “COPY ERROR” on her school exercise copy books. We considered it as she was not paying attention to her study and too much carelessness towards her study leading her to copy her text wrong. We controlled our temper and tried to make her understand that she should pay more attention to her school to avoid the red ink marks on her copy. Even sometimes she annoyingly would say that her class teachers thought that she was copying from her fellow mates. Miss Picky Pie is very honest, and I know she is not a kind of a girl who will copy. But we were totally ignorant of the fact that the reason could be something else. Because of her blur vision, she used to copy wrong and couldn’t see the Blackboard properly. That forced her to peep on her friends’ copies.

Incident #2:

Recently Miss Picky Pie had grown up a tendency to watch Television from a very less distance. How much, we the parents let her sit back, after some time she would take her chair and sit comfortably near the television. Though I allow very less the children to watch television but whenever the TV was on you would get the same scenario every day. I was not that ignorant this time. A doubt popped up in my mind but I didn’t get any complaint from Miss Picky Pie that she was having a blur vision.

Incident #3:

All of a sudden Miss Picky Pie had grown up a vomiting tendency. I was pretty scared. All the wrong thoughts started to hover in mind and I rushed to the doctor. She was treated absolutely fine (only an assumption – the vomiting tendency might have recurred from a gas problem). The doctor suggested to change her diet and to give her food in every 2-3 hours. I followed the doctor, but it didn’t work out. I then thought as her exams were heading, the vomiting tendency might be from nervousness. So patiently I started to counsel her and tried  to soothe her brain to remove all the fear for the examination. Again this could be a cause of her weak eyesight that didn’t occur in my mind for a single second.

Incident #4:

Miss Picky Pie’s handwriting was very neat, big, bold and nice. Suddenly I observed that her handwriting was becoming from small to smaller. And then the handwriting had become so small that it became a bit hard for me to read what she was writing. Every day I used to tell her to write in big letters but all went in vain. Again a doubt popped up.

Incident #5:

My parents came to visit us. Miss Picky Pie has a problem of itchy eyes, that is due to her dry skin, that makes her eyes dry too. But my mother suggested that she was having a hunch that might be Miss Picky Pie had grown up a weak eyesight, therefore she was itchy her eyes so much and we should consult an eye specialist. First I ignored, then I thought my mom couldn’t be wrong. And also after Miss Picky turned five we used to take her to the dentist and the ophthalmologist for regular check ups. But the last two years made us so busy with the little one, we totally missed this vital part of our life. Mr. Pie was too busy with his office tours and I was busy with the little one, Miss Picky Pies school/study and the household chores. 

I didn’t waste much time and took an appointment with an eye specialist. And Yes, My mom was not wrong. Miss Picky Pie was given glasses with minus power for regular wear. Miss Picky Pie was very excited and happy. She couldn’t hold her joy and get too excited to visit the school and show her new ornament to her friends.

She was happier when she declared: “Mummy I can see everything so clearly.” My welled up instantly, my throat got choked and I found myself guilty. I didn’t realise that my poor soul was suffering from a blur vision since a long time. To my surprise, she never complained.

I saw her with a pity face, with a burdened soul and remembered my childhood when my joy knew no bound after getting my specs. I smiled at the future that once a time would come when this specs would become a burden and she would want to get rid of it. Anyways I was literally broke down when the doctor declared that Miss Picky Pie needed glasses, mainly she had it at very early age. There are few reasons that she had grown up the weak eyesight like poor diet, genetic-inheritance etc, the Doctor explained. Even she suggested that Miss Picky Pie should do a lot of physical activities like playing Badminton/ tennis, Swimming, Cycling etc along with proper diet. That will help her to control her power not increase anymore. I found myself at guilt as I failed to provide her proper nourishment and also she hardly get time to play. I should have been more conscious on her food intake, providing her the proper supplements maintaining the food pyramid guidelines. I was pretty conscious about my daughters’ diet planning but realized I have to be more conscious in this respect. Parenting is not an easy job and we should tend to the nitty-gritty facts of our kids whether it is important or not. #LessonLearnt – Always we should pay attention and take it on a serious note to all the silly little things that we consider it ignorable unless we probe the facts and come to a conclusion.


Now coming to the recipe. Miss Picky loved the sticky sweet and spicy chicken wings or chicken lollypops. We both (Read Miss Picky Pie and I)love the wings with skin on where Mr. Pie will never touch a piece of chicken if it has a single piece of skin attached. So mostly I buy chicken wings with skin on and make them when Mr. Pie is on his official tours. The other day Chef Rakhi Vaswani was sharing a recipe of Honey Glazed Chicken Wings on a show on Living Foodz channel. Miss Picky Pie has loves to watch mostly food channels. So when Rakhi shared this, we both contemplated that it was a long due to make the chicken wings at home. So without wasting much time I bought few pieces and made it for our (read for Miss Picky Pie and me) lunch on a weekday when Mr. Pie was busy in his office and we enjoyed it with our heart out. So enjoy the recipe here and let me know if you have tried it – how much you liked it…

Baked Honey Glazed Chicken Wings
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Inspired by Chef Rakhi Vaswani, a lip smacking dish that we love to enjoy at home often. The sticky honey glazed chicken wings itself speaks everything about it.
    Servings Prep Time
    2 to 3 People 1 hour
    Cook Time Passive Time
    1 hour 2 hours
    Servings Prep Time
    2 to 3 People 1 hour
    Cook Time Passive Time
    1 hour 2 hours
    Baked Honey Glazed Chicken Wings
    Print Recipe
    Inspired by Chef Rakhi Vaswani, a lip smacking dish that we love to enjoy at home often. The sticky honey glazed chicken wings itself speaks everything about it.
      Servings Prep Time
      2 to 3 People 1 hour
      Cook Time Passive Time
      1 hour 2 hours
      Servings Prep Time
      2 to 3 People 1 hour
      Cook Time Passive Time
      1 hour 2 hours
      To Marinade
      To glaze
      Servings: People
      1. Wash the chicken wings and then pat it dry with a kitchen towel. Slit the flesh with a knife and then add all the ingredients under marinade. Mix nicely to the chicken wings and keep in the refrigerator for an hour or so.
      2. Pre- heat the oven at 200 degree C for 5 minutes. Cover a baking tray with aluminum foil (Se notes) and place the chicken wings separately keeping a gap in between each pieces.
      3. Bake for 15 minutes then turn the wings and again bake for 15 minutes more.
      4. Now take a bowl add all the ingredients except the oil under the Glaze and mix well. Heat oil on a non-stick pan and the chicken wings. Pour the glaze-sauce and toss nicely so that all the wings should get nicely coated with the sauce. Cook on high flame for couple of minutes more then serve hot.
      Recipe Notes

      I always cover a baking tray before baking with aluminum foil to avoid the burning stains on the tray and the hassle of cleaning it.

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      1. Hii,
        Today I came here because of the pictures & recipe but after reading your story all I can remember is my childhood days when I had experienced similar things and after few weeks of suffering I was introduced with my first specs. I still hate my specs and I just wish she gets involved more into physical activity and regains her visual strength back to say goodbye to the specs!

        1. Dear Rimli,

          Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time reading the post. Please keep on visiting.

          Mrs. Chocoberry

      2. HI

        I guess you are from kolkata. I wish to have some details from you:

        1. Which brand’s otg do you use?
        2. Where do you buy your exotic ingredients from?
        3.Please suggest some good shops from where i can buy gourmet ingredients.

        Thanks & Regards
        Rajasree Das

        1. Hi Rajarsee,

          Yes I am from Kolkata. I am using Sunflame’s OTG. Please specify mentioning the exotic ingredients you are talking about. what I used is widely available in Spencers or any other grocery shops. In & Out in the Petrol Pumps also have a good collection.

          Thanks for dropping by..

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