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The kaleidoscopic lifestyle is a bit annoying now a day. Too much entertainment and attractions making the kids demanding and that affecting their psychology. Human psychology is a weird subject to understand. It will never make you sit contented even if you get the Moon in your hand, it will go next to own the Sun. Considering this fact, every day the parents are facing a lot of challenges. How tactfully to tackle their kids without disturbing their sudden impulses totally restraining the demands on the spot, is a lesson to learn for each one of us. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs to handle and the success reaches the summit when the parents watch their children at the pit of success. Now this word ‘Success’ is complicated and confusing. And each one of us has a different definition and vision for Success. A survey has seen that most Indian parents mainly the Bengali parents seek success in scoring good marks. That means the pressure for opting good scores in exams making the little brains overloaded. Even the schools are to be blamed for it too. Too much pressure of study is hindering the mental age. Kids now a day are maturing ahead because they are learning everything before age and the childishness is getting killed at an innocent age. Therefore, it is very necessary for the parents to understand the kids’ psychology and their needs. Affection can make them a better person. But affection doesn’t mean to shower plenty of gifts to show how much we love them. We need to give them our time, play with them and hear their stories for hours. I raised this topic only to know as a parent what kind of challenges do you face and how do you make your parenthood successful. I have thought of writing serial posts on parenting, the challenges we face as a parent. I will share few incidents that were really challenging for us and how we tried to solve that matter from my next post.

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