Jamun or Java Plum Panna Cotta

coll jam

Few memories never fade. Rather those embedded so firmly in your mind, in your heart that at every step of life they help you to stay strong and happy. I miss my grandmother very much. I miss her wrinkled cheeks which I love to cuddle and pull. I miss the way she used to make Kheer er Putul (Dolls out of Kheer) on the auspicious occasion of Shashti Puja. I miss all the pranks that my sister and I only used to play on her. There are some relationships that build upon love and affection. A totally different kind of affection where the only language is love, nothing else. Call it a blind love or what, at the grandparents’ lap we know what exactly a sheer pampering calls for. I also believe, Food makes a relationship strong and also builds up evocative reminiscences. The summer fruit Jaam/Jamun/Java plum or Balck Plum is associated with a very close memory in my heart.

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