Coffee Beans Chocolate Cinnamon Cupcake


How do you brighten up a grey weekend?  I would call it grey, when there is no way to go out to chill or  finding a comfort zone in the bizarre window shopping or sometimes just enjoying the not-so-likely cacophonic city life. I would call it grey when you have a very little option left to cook something sumptuous having only a few ingredients staring at you to know their fate. I would call it grey when the Man is out on an Office tour and the kids are literally turning most of your hairs grey. So what will you do? I truly believe good food always starts from a domestic kitchen. Whatever lesser ingredients you have that could make rich your kitchen pantry and by no time you could end up with nothing but surely something tasty. Yes, I consider owning that magic wand that sometimes magically plates delectable dishes out of the blue.   I made one such grey weekend glorious baking some Coffee beans Chocolate Cinnamon Cupcake cupcakes followed by a photo shoot. The story continues how coffee beans became the part and parcel of my life….

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