Shorshe Chingri


I was looking like a roasted duck in the blistering heat at 41 degree C in front of Miss. Picky Pie’s school. Almost lost at the cacophonic chirping of the mothers busy in group-discussions only on one topic- the pressure of the school and study, I snuggled myself at a cozy corner. A mom suddenly popped in front of me with whom I shared eye contact often, keeping me almost on a gun point started to shower endless questions. The questions were ready to dissect my 35 years of journey in a manner to postmortem my life history. When it came to my occupation, I announced, accumulating all my pride that brightened up my face:“I am a Food Blogger”. A vague look in a fraction of moment brushed the Mother’s face and the look screamed at me, that she didn’t know who a food blogger is!! All the pride fumed off in a second. We both exchanged a pale smile. Thankfully the conversation abruptly lined an end. I was both happy and disappointed. Happy that she uttered those magical words that made me to escape from the noxious blabber but disappointed for how come people did not know who a Food Blogger is!! God sarcastically gave a smile and continued the story when another mom overheard our conversation with her radioactive ears and promptly interrupted – “Oh My!! You are a Food Blogger!!” I, for that moment thought like giving the lady a tight hug and press a deep kiss ignoring her stinky sweaty cheeks. But who knew just after that I would wish for snapping the lady. The lady continues: “How lucky you guys are. You visit so many restaurants and eat for free!!” Holy crap!!

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