Summer Cooler – Plum Orange Mint Spritzer


I buy a lot of different kinds of fruits and then start fumbling on what to do with them. As I told earlier, I have fussy eaters in my family. Fruits are one of the kinds which are happily avoided after a lot of logically debated arguments. Mr. Pie is the one who always love to avoid fruits. I try to convince the little sweethearts and keep them educating the benefits of fruit intake. Not always convinced but Miss Picky Pie after a gruelling nagging session consumes what is served to her plate. Miss Muddly Pie is too little to show a disapproval. What I always try, is to incorporate the fruits in such a way that can be happily devoured by my clan. I am not a kind of a person who introduces a lot of fruits in the desserts (Also read – if I do so that is definitely going to be trashed by the rest of the Pie family). Rather I love adding them in my savoury dishes mainly in the fish or chicken dishes. Say it Plum or apricot or peach, it marriages perfectly with a Chinese style chicken or fish dish. 

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