Pizza Pouches


If we have a fight ever or arguments, that has to be always over food. Miss Picky Pie, the pickiest eater of the world (I am not exaggerating) sometimes makes my life hell where she leaves me shattered, tattered (again not exaggerating) without any choices or on a bed of junk food to offer. I spend sleep nights, pinning hundreds of recipes on Pinterest when her school is open. Preparing her lunchbox is literally a nightmare to me. Mainly because she leaves for her school at 7.00 am and I have to prepare her lunch box ready by 6.30am. She will not have bread, no Parathas, no noodles, no eggs, no vegetables. She will have only Pasta or Something made out of Potato. So either I make pasta or potato wedges or chilli potato with a side of stir fried sweet corns that she really loves. But again if her friends refuse to share her tiffin because every day they are having the same dish and now want something new, Miss Picky Pie on same note comes back home and demands something new. Friends are the God to her. A word showered from their mouth that means those have to be written with a golden ink and propelled at any cost. And me, the mommy with a nettled heart, thrust my face again in the recipe collections.

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