3 Ingredients Nutella Brownie in 1 minute


The varied emotions play weird often. Sometimes it’s happiness when you feel fully rejuvenated after a long WhatsApp conversation with your girlfriends. The gossips, the secrets, the meaningless giggles stating through the emoticons, it is something priceless. Happiness doesn’t need an elaborate ingress. Suddenly you feel your heart is melting with sheer joy at the glance of a single smile of your children or an affectionate vibe from the partner. When a soothing breeze kisses your forehead in a scorching heat, it will surely brush a smile in your face. A good movie, a good cold coffee, a tasty food, a good read and there are an endless list where we can find Happiness from a very trivial little affairs. It is us who put a blindfold and ignore Happiness who always walks like a shadow with us. Likewise frustration and depression too need no introductory entrance in our life rather we deliberately invite them with wide hands and love to nurture them to prove how much attention a poor soul is needed. I am not kidding, just sit and think for a while, you will understand what I mean.  This is human psychology. I keep contemplating all the facts and every day, try to wake up with a positive note to stay calm and happy. And it helps. It helps me to create a strong bonding with my kids as I try to control my temper when the kids shout, argue at the top of their pitch or nagging desperately without any reason. I hold my patience and my anger and try to tame them down by distracting or just to let them get calmed by themselves so that I can then logically make them understand what has happened is not good. At the end of the day when I evaluate my deeds to give a daily score, I again feel happy, contended. For me, the secret of happiness is nothing but enjoying each moment of life. Fighting with spirit how many demotivating factual incidents you may face throughout the day, it is like comprehending the happiness of life with strategically new theories that ought to change each day. 
I love food blogging. Why – because the best part of food blogging is enfolding food with a story of your life and then building up accordingly to create a blog post. Food, I consider it, as an important source of happiness. You can win over a depressive moment by kneading a bread dough or baking some special cakes after your heart. A good meal spread in a good ambiance can make you happy in no time. Or a simple nonhygienic street food can tickle your taste buds instantly that leads your heart to cheer Happiness nothing else. A quick cake/dessert in no time at an odd hour is the most precious happiness that I love to nurture myself or enjoy it with my kids. The recipe which I am sharing today is one such recipe that can give you instant joy in no time. Try out this therapy and let me know if it works or not!

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