#CookbookInspiration – Peanutbutter Chocolate Cake from Rachel Allen

Chco 2

A big dispute broke in dessert making.  This has become a mundane chore in the Pie household – An argument must barge in on dessert making. Miss Picky Pie, after a meal every day, has an attack of her sweet tooth that drives her crazy to gulp something sweet. My, Food Blogger title often  put on ledge then – “Mom you are a Food Blogger right!! Then why don’t I get some homemade desserts every day?”. I will make a pity face with a promise that next day there will be something served after the meal. But that day rarely arrives. Rather I will be seen sitting in front of my desktop staring at the Facebook feeds hours after hours idly wasting the time which I can creatively apply on some constructive work. The hours of meditating work with Facebook will asphyxiate my brain and I will hypnotically roam around like a zombie for an hour or so from this room to that room thinking of what to do. And the end result sums up with no outcome and again the same dispute starts from the scratch. The other day Miss Picky Pie made me to swear by god to take up an “Everyday Baking challenge”.  The soul of a Food Blogger jumped with joy and shake hands with Miss Picky pie without wasting any time. Day 1 arrives. Miss Picky Pie chose a chocolate egg base cake. But I wanted to make some eggless oil/butter free cake to skill my excellence in the eggless baking world. Considering the members of the household my little Guinea Pigs I happily keep on stuffing their mouth with my experimented food. And the highly sophisticated and polite Mr. Pie is too good at saying everything that is served to him is nothing but tasty. Miss Picky Pie is sweet and clever. She has learned to remain diplomatic not to speak the bitter truth bluntly rather not saying bad directly she would say – “It is not that bad Mom!!” The above description may give the readers a hunch that I might be a so-called good cook. OH! Behold!! I am actually not. Everybody has a bad cooking day and kitchen disasters, so as I have too sometimes. Miss Picky Pie loves to declare in good spirit in front of everybody, friends etc. that her Mom is the best cook of the world. I suffice my portion of  happiness and reward in those words. I feel myself the luckiest Mom of the world. But that doesn’t end up the disputable story after food. It’s better to move on the recipe of the day.

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