Frozen Peach Yogurt


Frozen Peach Yogurt!!!! 

~~~ Takes hardly five minutes to make, then an hour to set and few minutes to devour. But shooting this dish took all my energy drained out in a minute.~~~

The story follows……

This is something, that I long to make for almost a decade. Though it is one of the simplest recipes of the world, the tryst seems long till I decided one day to make it. One of the main reasons is Miss Picky Pie’s Cold Allergy. She is restricted to consume cold items often. Like all the kids she is a diehard fan of ice creams, flavoured yogurts etc. But my poor little soul has learned how to restrict herself from these indulgences at this small age. Most of the time I restrain myself from making any cooler or dessert that has to be consumed chilled. But I wanted to make frozen yogurt too. Not because I like it but I wanted to shoot pictures of the Frozen Yogurt. I researched on lot of food photographs, how they were taken and presented and more I saw, the more I got enthusiastic and excited to give the photo shoot a try. Who knows that the scoop of frozen afters would left me out exhausted, tired and forlorn.

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