Frozen Peach Yogurt


Frozen Peach Yogurt!!!! 

~~~ Takes hardly five minutes to make, then an hour to set and few minutes to devour. But shooting this dish took all my energy drained out in a minute.~~~

The story follows……

This is something, that I long to make for almost a decade. Though it is one of the simplest recipes of the world, the tryst seems long till I decided one day to make it. One of the main reasons is Miss Picky Pie’s Cold Allergy. She is restricted to consume cold items often. Like all the kids she is a diehard fan of ice creams, flavoured yogurts etc. But my poor little soul has learned how to restrict herself from these indulgences at this small age. Most of the time I restrain myself from making any cooler or dessert that has to be consumed chilled. But I wanted to make frozen yogurt too. Not because I like it but I wanted to shoot pictures of the Frozen Yogurt. I researched on lot of food photographs, how they were taken and presented and more I saw, the more I got enthusiastic and excited to give the photo shoot a try. Who knows that the scoop of frozen afters would left me out exhausted, tired and forlorn.

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#CookbookInspiration – Gingered Applesauce Cinnamon Cake inspired by Ruth Reichl


The bonding is getting stronger in between Miss Picky Pie and Miss Muddly Pie each day. I cherish the sisterhood at a distance and wish to store all the moments forever. I capture the moments in my camera with welling eyes. I feel overwhelmed, whenever I see them hugging kissing cuddling each other, frolicking together, Miss Picky Pie reaching to her sister at Miss Muddly Pie’s one cry and tries to sooth her at her best effort. And my day is made in a flash . I contemplate and conclude this is the real happiness of life and the joy of motherhood. Miss Muddly Pie now knows who is her best buddy. Whenever Miss Picky Pie will return back from school, Miss Muddly Pie will bellow as loud as she can and will run to her Sister’s lap with trembling steps.  I so much want to pen down each of the actions that my two dolls do. But I keep on scribbling all in my mind and when  I sit to pour it down on paper I run out of words. How much I wish then to own a magical instant recorder / typewriter that could keep on storing my each and every chain of thoughts. Then, when needed I would share those with you all. Hope, the way modern technology is advancing, my wish will come true sooner or later.:D

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3 Ingredients Nutella Brownie in 1 minute


The varied emotions play weird often. Sometimes it’s happiness when you feel fully rejuvenated after a long WhatsApp conversation with your girlfriends. The gossips, the secrets, the meaningless giggles stating through the emoticons, it is something priceless. Happiness doesn’t need an elaborate ingress. Suddenly you feel your heart is melting with sheer joy at the glance of a single smile of your children or an affectionate vibe from the partner. When a soothing breeze kisses your forehead in a scorching heat, it will surely brush a smile in your face. A good movie, a good cold coffee, a tasty food, a good read and there are an endless list where we can find Happiness from a very trivial little affairs. It is us who put a blindfold and ignore Happiness who always walks like a shadow with us. Likewise frustration and depression too need no introductory entrance in our life rather we deliberately invite them with wide hands and love to nurture them to prove how much attention a poor soul is needed. I am not kidding, just sit and think for a while, you will understand what I mean.  This is human psychology. I keep contemplating all the facts and every day, try to wake up with a positive note to stay calm and happy. And it helps. It helps me to create a strong bonding with my kids as I try to control my temper when the kids shout, argue at the top of their pitch or nagging desperately without any reason. I hold my patience and my anger and try to tame them down by distracting or just to let them get calmed by themselves so that I can then logically make them understand what has happened is not good. At the end of the day when I evaluate my deeds to give a daily score, I again feel happy, contended. For me, the secret of happiness is nothing but enjoying each moment of life. Fighting with spirit how many demotivating factual incidents you may face throughout the day, it is like comprehending the happiness of life with strategically new theories that ought to change each day. 
I love food blogging. Why – because the best part of food blogging is enfolding food with a story of your life and then building up accordingly to create a blog post. Food, I consider it, as an important source of happiness. You can win over a depressive moment by kneading a bread dough or baking some special cakes after your heart. A good meal spread in a good ambiance can make you happy in no time. Or a simple nonhygienic street food can tickle your taste buds instantly that leads your heart to cheer Happiness nothing else. A quick cake/dessert in no time at an odd hour is the most precious happiness that I love to nurture myself or enjoy it with my kids. The recipe which I am sharing today is one such recipe that can give you instant joy in no time. Try out this therapy and let me know if it works or not!

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Summer Cooler – Plum Orange Mint Spritzer


I buy a lot of different kinds of fruits and then start fumbling on what to do with them. As I told earlier, I have fussy eaters in my family. Fruits are one of the kinds which are happily avoided after a lot of logically debated arguments. Mr. Pie is the one who always love to avoid fruits. I try to convince the little sweethearts and keep them educating the benefits of fruit intake. Not always convinced but Miss Picky Pie after a gruelling nagging session consumes what is served to her plate. Miss Muddly Pie is too little to show a disapproval. What I always try, is to incorporate the fruits in such a way that can be happily devoured by my clan. I am not a kind of a person who introduces a lot of fruits in the desserts (Also read – if I do so that is definitely going to be trashed by the rest of the Pie family). Rather I love adding them in my savoury dishes mainly in the fish or chicken dishes. Say it Plum or apricot or peach, it marriages perfectly with a Chinese style chicken or fish dish. 

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Jamun or Java Plum Panna Cotta

coll jam

Few memories never fade. Rather those embedded so firmly in your mind, in your heart that at every step of life they help you to stay strong and happy. I miss my grandmother very much. I miss her wrinkled cheeks which I love to cuddle and pull. I miss the way she used to make Kheer er Putul (Dolls out of Kheer) on the auspicious occasion of Shashti Puja. I miss all the pranks that my sister and I only used to play on her. There are some relationships that build upon love and affection. A totally different kind of affection where the only language is love, nothing else. Call it a blind love or what, at the grandparents’ lap we know what exactly a sheer pampering calls for. I also believe, Food makes a relationship strong and also builds up evocative reminiscences. The summer fruit Jaam/Jamun/Java plum or Balck Plum is associated with a very close memory in my heart.

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Pizza Pouches


If we have a fight ever or arguments, that has to be always over food. Miss Picky Pie, the pickiest eater of the world (I am not exaggerating) sometimes makes my life hell where she leaves me shattered, tattered (again not exaggerating) without any choices or on a bed of junk food to offer. I spend sleep nights, pinning hundreds of recipes on Pinterest when her school is open. Preparing her lunchbox is literally a nightmare to me. Mainly because she leaves for her school at 7.00 am and I have to prepare her lunch box ready by 6.30am. She will not have bread, no Parathas, no noodles, no eggs, no vegetables. She will have only Pasta or Something made out of Potato. So either I make pasta or potato wedges or chilli potato with a side of stir fried sweet corns that she really loves. But again if her friends refuse to share her tiffin because every day they are having the same dish and now want something new, Miss Picky Pie on same note comes back home and demands something new. Friends are the God to her. A word showered from their mouth that means those have to be written with a golden ink and propelled at any cost. And me, the mommy with a nettled heart, thrust my face again in the recipe collections.

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Chicken Chap (Kolkata Style)



The other day we were busy in discussing on Chicken Chap over a cup of tea and some lip smacking snacks in the evening. It was raining heavily, the Cable on the TV was showing no signal, so we got a chance to spend some quality time with the Family. I prepared Chicken Chap for lunch that day. So the chitchat taking many tours through the gossip lanes stopped to take a breathe over Chicken Chap. All were in praise of the dish that made me lifted on cloud nine in no time, I decided why not sharing some food stories on this dish. I started first. My memory with Chicken Chap is quite elusive to me. I can dimly recollect the memory of a 9/10 years girl holding her father’s hand, all excited as if some hidden treasure is waiting for me inside Aminia of Park Street – one of the most famous restaurants of that era of Kolkata. Neither I can recollect properly the taste nor the texture. What I can remember the excitement of tasting a dish what is one of my father’s favourite dishes. The New Market area was/is always a treasure trove place for me. Whenever my father used to come to Kolkata, if my school was closed, I never failed to accompany him. And if we were in Kolkata a visit to New Market was a must. I roamed around in amazement holding my father’s hand hours after hours watching the busy cacophonic market life. While wrapping up quickly the works in hand, my father kept on telling me his childhood memories. I can recollect very well my father elucidating his first experience of tasting the Chicken Chap when it was nothing but a fancy dish that could only be found around few areas of Old Kolkata. My father was in his mid-30s, one day on his way back home, he took a detour with his colleagues to Aminia. They ordered for Biriyani and Chicken Chap. Whenever he recollects that memory, I have always seen his face lit up with a joy. My father can’t illuminate the exact taste of Chicken Chap he had tasted so many years back neither I can. But we both know that Chicken Chap has become an integral part of our life from then and it will keep on building up many food stories.

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Simple Cherry Vanilla Cupcakes


The kaleidoscopic lifestyle is a bit annoying now a day. Too much entertainment and attractions making the kids demanding and that affecting their psychology. Human psychology is a weird subject to understand. It will never make you sit contented even if you get the Moon in your hand, it will go next to own the Sun. Considering this fact, every day the parents are facing a lot of challenges. How tactfully to tackle their kids without disturbing their sudden impulses totally restraining the demands on the spot, is a lesson to learn for each one of us. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs to handle and the success reaches the summit when the parents watch their children at the pit of success. Now this word ‘Success’ is complicated and confusing. And each one of us has a different definition and vision for Success. A survey has seen that most Indian parents mainly the Bengali parents seek success in scoring good marks. That means the pressure for opting good scores in exams making the little brains overloaded. Even the schools are to be blamed for it too. Too much pressure of study is hindering the mental age. Kids now a day are maturing ahead because they are learning everything before age and the childishness is getting killed at an innocent age. Therefore, it is very necessary for the parents to understand the kids’ psychology and their needs. Affection can make them a better person. But affection doesn’t mean to shower plenty of gifts to show how much we love them. We need to give them our time, play with them and hear their stories for hours. I raised this topic only to know as a parent what kind of challenges do you face and how do you make your parenthood successful. I have thought of writing serial posts on parenting, the challenges we face as a parent. I will share few incidents that were really challenging for us and how we tried to solve that matter from my next post.

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Coffee Beans Chocolate Cinnamon Cupcake


How do you brighten up a grey weekend?  I would call it grey, when there is no way to go out to chill or  finding a comfort zone in the bizarre window shopping or sometimes just enjoying the not-so-likely cacophonic city life. I would call it grey when you have a very little option left to cook something sumptuous having only a few ingredients staring at you to know their fate. I would call it grey when the Man is out on an Office tour and the kids are literally turning most of your hairs grey. So what will you do? I truly believe good food always starts from a domestic kitchen. Whatever lesser ingredients you have that could make rich your kitchen pantry and by no time you could end up with nothing but surely something tasty. Yes, I consider owning that magic wand that sometimes magically plates delectable dishes out of the blue.   I made one such grey weekend glorious baking some Coffee beans Chocolate Cinnamon Cupcake cupcakes followed by a photo shoot. The story continues how coffee beans became the part and parcel of my life….

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