Hassle free Mutton Curry

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Romancing food is not a new phenomena. Memories become more vivid when we shuffle and reshuffle to fish out the anecdotes related to food. The stories turn out to be so intense that one can instantly taste the flavours lingering in the mouth. Today I am going to chronicle one such memory with my readers.

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Guest Post: Meet Debjani Basu a Food Enthusiast with her Meatballs in Cream Sauce


Wish you all Happy New year. I am out of the scene since a long time. Now a day I hardly get a moment to sit for me. Sigh… So I decided to make a move with a guest post – just to ensure that it might make me motivated enough to start blogging again.

I met Debjani Basu through Instagram. When and how, I could not recollect it at all. But we bumped to each other’s feed and started following right then. It is really an honour to feature her in blog. Debjani is not a food blogger, not even a food photographer. She, however, loves anything that’s remotely related to food and nutrition. Her love for food and flair for cooking was passed on to her in her genes (true to her Bengali roots). Stressful corporate job, multiple cities and about a dozen maid who cooked horribly was her story once upon a time which left a permanent damage to her mind. She suffers from a severe phobia – phobia of badly cooked food or devoid of any nutrition (she wishes there was a more formal term for it).

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#Valentine’s Day Special – Cream Cheese Strawberry Jar


I am not that kind of a person to celebrate Valentine’s Day in an elaborate way. Mainly if you ask Mr. Pie, he will give you a weird look that will directly make you understand – “What is so much fuss with the Valentine’s Day!!!” And I will return back the same look with a decent smile (which is kind of yelling at him) to him to make him understand that “sometimes it is good to show off the gesture of love you know my dear poor soul!!!”

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Chocolate Coated Chocolate cookies


At last, I was separated with my house-maid. Now I am a maid-less lady who is doing all the household chores all alone from cleaning to cooking, from the groceries to draping up the kids and so on and so forth. My morning now starts at 5.00am and ends at 10.00pm. In between, I hardly get time to rest or relax down except those 2 hours when I go to pick up Miss Picky Pie from her school. I literally doze off like the aged persons may be keeping my mouth widely open and making a strange face, letting the breeze from the running car window playing the lullaby song in my ears(Yeww…How ugly I might be looked then..:P).

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#CookBookInspiration ~ Low Fat Brownies


Today I am going to share a very easy and simple recipe. Low Fat Brownie is perfect for them who are on diet but always crave for some dessert like me. But if you are gluten and dairy intolerant then this recipe is not for you. It has flour,  yogurt and a bit milk. Though the recipe doesn’t call ask for Milk, I added it for a reason. While mixing the batter I found it too dense and sticky. So I added a bit milk to get the right texture.

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#CookBookInspiration ~ Cheese Chive Muffins


Breakfast is an arduous job for me as my family is very selective to try a range of varieties (Not Miss Picky Pie but mainly Mr.Pie). The food has to be not greasy and oily. It has to be something simple but exotic and tasty. A food served for breakfast should brighten up the sleepy morning glumness and charge up the spirit. If the girls (read Miss Picky Pie, thankfully Miss Muddly Pie is too little to join the group now) demand something, the man will request for something else. The weekday Breakfast menus are fixed and I don’t have to go under a brainstorming session of what to serve the three musketeers.

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#CookBookInspiration~ Cappuccino Cookies


Miss Picky Pie and I just discovered that coffee is our new love. We both can fight like two kittens when it comes to cold coffee. Coffee flavoured chocolates or cakes or cookies, lure us more now a day other than anything else. I can’t bear hot coffee and also the smell but I can die for a glass of cold coffee or some coffee flavoured sweet afters. Weird Hun!!!

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Simple coffee flavoured cake layered with Mascarpone Cream Frosting


Miss Picky Pie is now on a cooking spree. She will never miss her favourite cookery shows on the television, note down the recipes on her princess imprinted notebook and then will try them in the kitchen. She will be seen ensconced on the sofa at 9.00pm in front of the TV to watch MasterChef Junior. She will wrap all her pending jobs before 9.00pm. Miss Muddly Pie only knows to follow her elder sister. She will securely place a comfort zone, close by Miss Picky Pie sharing the warmth of her Didi. I love the way Miss Picky pie is nurturing the passion towards cooking. I am happy that the hundreds of cookbooks lying on my shelf, will get a rightful owner and maybe my blog will be continued by her after me. And yes, forgot to share, she never fails to read my blog and will also criticise it when needed.

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Chanar Chop (Chenna/Cottage Cheese Fritters)

“Am I a Kitten!!”

I guess if Miss Muddly Pie could speak in proper language, she would yell back to her elder sister Miss Picky Pie this. Miss Picky Pie nowadays can lift her sister up in her lap, so her joy knew no bound. But most of the time she will come from the back and lift Miss Muddly Pie while sitting on the floor. And Miss Muddly Pie will start giggling and remain in the same posture the way she is sitting on the floor. So it will look like that Miss Picky Pie is carrying a baby kitten in an attire of a human being. What I do, I first scream at the sight in fear that Miss Picky Pie will drop her baby sister. But then I will be seen rushing to grab the phone or the camera to capture the moment. An elated emotion streams down through me. I touch the wood and pray to god to shower happiness all the time to the kids. Miss Muddly Pie is becoming more responsive and interactive day by day and Miss Picky Pie is turning to a dotting and possessive elder ‘DIDI’ as days passing by.

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#ChefsInspiration – Baked Honey Glazed Chicken Wings


Miss Picky Pie got specs and I was proved to be a bad Mamma……

Incidents #1:

For few consecutive days, I noticed that Miss Picky Pie was getting the remarks – “COPY ERROR” on her school exercise copy books. We considered it as she was not paying attention to her study and too much carelessness towards her study leading her to copy her text wrong. We controlled our temper and tried to make her understand that she should pay more attention to her school to avoid the red ink marks on her copy. Even sometimes she annoyingly would say that her class teachers thought that she was copying from her fellow mates. Miss Picky Pie is very honest, and I know she is not a kind of a girl who will copy. But we were totally ignorant of the fact that the reason could be something else. Because of her blur vision, she used to copy wrong and couldn’t see the Blackboard properly. That forced her to peep on her friends’ copies.

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